Latest machinery deployed in every production stage for cutting, sewing and finishing.

We wish to highlight that we utilize laser-light technology for matching; band knife machines for accurate and precision cutting of fabrics and interlinings.

Our sewing section has sophisticated servo-motor machines with automatic, computer-controlled under bed trimmers and a modernized washing plant with washing machine, hydro extractor and dyer.

We have a dedicated team that makes sure your needs are identified and met - providing you with your choice of fabric texture and weave, exact preference of color, pattern, etc. Each fabric undergoes a complete quality check done by experienced technicians under the direct supervision of experts, exclusively trained for the same in Japan.

Following is a selective list of machines used in

Cutting Section:

Cloth cutting machines
Cloth drillers
Band knife machines
Fusing machines
Cutting table
Laser marker
Sewing Section
Sewing machines
Feed of the arm
Collar blocking & ironing
Collar turning
Collar counter trimmer
Button hole machine
Button sewing machine
Tuck button machine
Pocket make creasing machine
Finishing Section
Steam boiler
Vacuum ironing table
Shirt folding machine
Conveyor type needle detector
Handy type needle detector
Thread sucking machine

Research & Development in Design:

We invest over 5% of our turnover in R&D infrastructure and design development that include creating new patterns and fashionable designs. Having access to international publications and fashion catalogues, our design lab constantly explores new styles and fashions. Our designers interact closely with the market, obtain feedback and come out with models and production methodologies that feed your senses for creativity, cost-benefit economics as well as your concern for environment.