Here's a list of some frequently and infrequently asked questions

Here's a list of the questions that most buyers ask. If you have specific questions that you don't find here, mail us. We will be glad to answer them.

On Placing Orders

1) What is the minimum quantity we can order?

It really depends on the type of fabrics you order but normally the minimum order should be 500 pcs/col.

2) What is the typical fabric lead time?

Forty five to sixty days

3) How long does it take to make a "proto"?

Three days to a week!

4) How long does it take to send us the salesman samples?

Less than four weeks

5) What's your garment production lead time?

Not more than forty days.

Quality related

6) Are fabrics tested? Do you have inspection systems?

Yes. Fabrics are tested for various parameters such as color, fastness, wet rub, dry rub, fastness to light, staining onto various fibres, etc in international test labs.

Apart from quality programmes at each production stage, we also do 100% post-production inspection for fabric/dyeing flaws.

7) Are your garments tested for dimensional stability?

Mostly, our garments are "garment washed" and hence before bulk sewing, we make sample garments on random selection. We wash garments to record shrinkages and grade the patterns accordingly.

8) Do you have needle policies?

Yes! We control the issue of needles and register each broken needle. Unless we find all broken fragments, we do not issue new needles for replacement.

9) Is needle detection used on all garments?

All garments after packing are run on Japanese-make precision needle detectors.

10) What is the technology you use for grading?

We follow percentile-based manual system.

On Social Responsibility

11) What are your factory working hours?

Eight hours a day, as the laws require.

12) Do you have any child or bonded labourers?

A big, big NO. This is against our principle and the law of the land.

On the infrastructure

14) Do you have a Washing unit?

Yes. We do have a washing unit.

15) Is security/Fire alarms fixed at regular intervals?

Yes. Fire alarms are fixed at regular intervals.